Erase You From My Heart (Original)

I watched the Oscars the other night and I saw Adele sing Skyfall. I heard the song months ago and I know she won a grammy for it but I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the amazing performance she gave. So, I found a clip on youtube and sampled apart of it after the song was already done. I just wanted to add a little Adele flavor. You can barely even notice its there but it’s there! Read more

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Adele – Rolling In The Deep REMIX (ft. Audio Imagery) Adele has a beautiful voice. If I ever got to do a song with her I would probably crap myself. Okay not seriously but close… Anyway making the music wasn’t difficult because the vocals are sooooo good. The hard part was the verse. I recently found a rapper called Childish Gambino. This dude is … Read more

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