I’m getting tired of this music thing… I’m Angry. SIGN ME. Imagine if I did this full time. Just listen…
Just call me Casey Anthony,
I kill it an no one cares…

– verse —
Yeah I only put out like 2 songs since last Christmas
Well homie I’m getting head on the stock exchange. Mind your business
This ain’t the Chinese store, so why is my wang in your mouth,
Below the belt, the mason Dixon, Your girl drumline, she bangs in the south
I don’t’ even aim when I shout,
Semi’s in hand I swing my arms, I beat my chest, going ape shit spraying em out
Like white chicks wanting to be black , I’m laying it out
Sun burn guns turn I’m hard core, Persian, rug burn, banging this out
This shit is annoying to me, can’t even stay high blunted
I run circles around yall, Daytona 500
My days are numbered, terminal illness sick,
I bogard, I’m so hard r-Tard I spit some dumb shit
I beat my head against the wall, guess I got a big dick
So I beat up chicken heads in my bed, drumstick
Get it chicken head, beat it up, drumstick?
Like the Underground Railroad nobody sees me but I run shit
I’m nasty, German hard core porno star, slash a Viking
Give me a Heineken, when I’m rhyming while I Clash the titans
Come on yeah pass the mic man, I can also pause when swing with punchlines, Mike Tyson
Like a registered sex offender this shit is child’s play
You’re not hard, your jello pudding, Bill Cosby
you’re like two girls and cup put a funnel in your mouth and they opened you up
Took a big dookie in your mouth and I guess when you rap homie your just throwing it up
like a squirrel go go go going so nuts
put a bomb in your ass sewing it shut
let me grab some pop corn sit back then lets watch me start blowing you up
well Since I’m not wanna see what it looks like in slow mo
Ima cold SOB, let me grab some hot coco
If getting famous is like pussy, it prepped, wet and dripping,
I don’t have to fuck the game up, I just want to put the tip in
see im psychotic this ain’t a healthy relationship
cause I fucking hate rap, but I sometimes love this music shit
well sometimes I hate that too, cause she such a dumb bitch
so I wonder what would happen if we broke up… and I just quit.
But for real I don’t know what my plans will be
Cause I kill it and no one cares, Casey Anthony

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